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is a recording studio and production house in South Austin, Texas owned and operated by Grammy Award-winning producer


A creative space where analog meets digital - “taking cues from hip-hop and psychedelic genres and pairing them with a mix of classic and modern recording techniques and a live off-the-floor approach” (Tape Op). Electric Deluxe strives to push the envelope of modern music by delivering a timeless aesthetic, tuff sounds, and maximum freshness.

Come for the sound and the vibe, but we do have some tools. Whether it’s digital, 4 track cassette or 1” analog tape, do remember that the most important thing is your playing, your songs and what and how you want to express.
MCI JH 416 Console, 24 channels Pro Tools Logic Ampex 440 ¼” 2 track mixdown deck MCI JH 410 1” 8 track 4 track cassette UAD, Soundtoys, and more plugins Altec 1567a Ampex 601 Electric and Co. Stereo 6 preamps (Ampex 601 clones) Vintech x731 Vintech 271 (2 pres/EQ) Warm Audio WEQ (2) Heritage Audio Successor Bus Compressor Redd DI Acme Motown DI DB 160A Compressor Warm Audio WA2A Roland Space Echo Maestro Echoplex 3 Master Room spring reverb PRV-1 spring reverb AEA R84 Ribbon Mic Mojave Audio MA200 Sony C37 AKG D12 vintage kick drum mic AKG D19 AKG D24 Beyerdynamic M160 ribbon mic EV RE16 EV 635A (2) EV 664 (2) Aston Starlights, Stealth and Spirit Vintage Sennheiser 421 (2) Shure 55, 56, 57s, 58 Vintage Rogers and Ludwig drum kits Taynor Amps Wurlitzer 206 Farfisa Compact Univox Organizer Hohner Pianet Roland Juno 106 Hammond M100 Yamaha YC10 combo organ 1973 Fender Super Reverb (blackfaced pre-CBS) Blackface Princeton Reverb clone 1972 Fender Deluxe Reverb Silvertone twin twelve amp Silvertone 1481 amp Gibson GA-20 RVT Fender Champ Fender Pro Amp 30+ guitars and basses

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